Enneagram for Fictional Characters

In the past, I’ve used MBTI and the seven deadly sins to help develop my characters, but after discovering how well the enneagram aligns with character-building, I’ve used this system primarily. Contents: Why the Enneagram Is So Useful for Writers The Nine Motivations & Fears  Enneagram Personalities under Stress Enneagram Personalities at Their Best Enneagram … Continue reading Enneagram for Fictional Characters

Downloads & Quizzes

I love providing free downloads to writers, teachers, and planners! All I ask, is that before you download: You subscribe to the blog—I don’t post often, and you can unsubscribe at any time! You don’t resell or repost any of the content from these free downloads. If you’d like to share with others, send them … Continue reading Downloads & Quizzes