About this Blog

Why this blog?

There are thousands of writing blogs out there. Why am I writing one? What makes Write, Edit, Repeat different from the rest? Why should you take any interest? Here are seven reasons you should stick around:

1. Design

I was a professional designer in a past life (pre-2013). As such, I try to make things pretty, Pinnable, and printable. No Comic Sans or white text on red backgrounds here.

2. Education

I went to school for writing and literature, and I love to teach (I’ve been assisting teachers since 2005). As fellow writers, you and I are in this together! I also try to explain writing concepts in new ways.

3. Examples

I use examples from familiar books and movies. And also YouTube. I link to other websites a lot. You’ve been warned. (Okay, that sounds a bit ominous. I don’t ever link to spammy websites, just ones I find to be helpful or educational or interesting. I warn you because links might tempt you to not write.)

4. Other Voices

I sift through bad writing advice so you don’t have to. Then, when I find something good,  I don’t regurgitate what’s already been said just to get clicks on my blog. I send you to those other writers and editors. I do so on Facebook and Pinterest, but most of all on Twitter.

5. No Filler Posts

I’m more of a curator than a salesperson (see #4). I only post when I have something worthwhile to say or if I’ve got a fancy worksheet I’m giving away. So be sure to subscribe to not miss new ones, since I post pretty sporadically. Even better: sign up for my weekly newsletter.

6. Fun stuff

Besides linking to YouTube clips and including worksheets, sometimes I add other downloads and activities, like motivational posters or quizzes.

7. Requests

This might not always be applicable, depending on reader response, but for the time being, I take requests. Comment on any post about what you want to learn more about, and I’ll research and write about it. (With the exception of historical research. I’m already overwhelmed with that one.) I’m more thinking along the lines of, “Hey, can you write a post about Anglo-Saxon versus Latinate diction?” or “I’d really like to know more about plot” or “I wish I could find a worksheet on backstory for my students!” Of course, if you have a request, make sure I haven’t already answered your question in a past post. The search bar is either in the right sidebar or on the bottom of the page, depending on what part of the blog you’re using and what kind of device you’re viewing on.

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