Write, Edit, Repeat

Welcome to my blog! Here’s what you can find on Write, Edit, Repeat:

  1. About—What I do
    1. Bio—A bit more about me
    2. About This Blog—What makes it different
  2. Writing—Resources for storytellers
    1. Story Structure and Plot
    2. Characters
      1. Narration and POV
    3. Drafting Workshop (external link to StoryCadet.com)
    4. Motivation—Resources and fun stuff to keep you motivated
      1. Author Chats—Advice from and interviews with authors
      2. Fifteen Blinks—Short writing lessons and prompts
      3. The Writer Reveille—Newsletter signup (external link to MailChimp)
  3. Editing—Revision resources for writers
    1. Revision Workshop (external link to StoryCadet.com)
    2. My Editing Services (external link to my editing services site)
  4. Getting Published—Tips and guidance for traditional and self-publishing.
    1. Book Cover Designers
    2. Pitching & Publishing Workshop (external link to StoryCadet.com)
  5. Reading—Reviews and recommendations
    1. My Bookstagram account (external link to Instagram)
    2. My BookTube channel (external link to YouTube)
  6. Workshops—Overview of StoryCadet and StoryWorldCon
  7. #pg70pit—A yearly writing contest I host each July
  8. Contact—How to get a hold of me
  9. Blog—My most recent blog posts

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