Editing Prices

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Editing Exceptions

I will not edit erotica, horror, rape or graphic murder scenes, or vivid descriptions of crimes against children.
However, I will critique queries or synopses regardless of the genre or content of your complete MS.

Established Authors

If you’ve traditionally published one or more novels, a line edit from me would likely cost significantly less
than the quotes given below. My average cost for a line edit is $0.01 per word for published authors.

My rates are below. The hourly rates are standard for the industry, but I retain accuracy at a fast pace. In other words, I finish in a fraction of the time, which means you pay a fraction of the price of some of my competitors. To give you an idea of how much each service might cost, I’ve also included an average price per word. Note that the more polished your manuscript is before you send it to me, the less work I have to do, and the more you save.

For more information about what is included in each service, read the breakdown of my Editing Services here. Compare my prices with the industry standard here.

Manuscript Critique (The Diagnosis)
$30 per hour ($60 per hour rush)
~$0.01 per word*

Beat Sheet—$35 (not available without complete manuscript critique)

Substantive Edit (The Treatment Plan)
$40 per hour ($70 per hour rush)
~$0.03 per word*

First 10 Pages (up to 2,500 words)—$50 (normally $70)
First 10,000 Words —$200 (normally $400)
Query Letter or Synopsis Critique (up to 2 pages)—$35 each

Copyediting (The Well-Visit Check)
$40 per hour ($50 per hour rush)
~$0.01 per word*

Design and Layout (The Makeover)
$30 per hour

Proofreading (The Spot Check)
$30 per hour ($40 per hour rush)
~$0.007 per word*

*Average rate per word. For a more accurate quote, I’ll need a 1,000-word sample of your writing and which service you’d like me to quote. 

Price Guarantee

Once I am finished editing your work, I will calculate your total using both the hourly rate and the average rate per word. I will then bill you the lower cost of the two. I believe that good editing is worth paying for, but that good editing can be affordable, too!

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