Interview with #p2p16 editor Lara Willard @laraedits

One of my picks from last year’s Pitch to Publication, JD, interviewed me on his blog today. What is it like to work with me? Find out below.

A writing spot for JD Burns

Hi there,

So #p2p16is right around the corner and today I have a super-awesome, super-timely interview. I managed to talk Pitch-to-Publication editor Lara Willard into giving us some of her time. No small feat, given the number of hats she wears – huge thanks for stopping by Lara!

Lara: Honored you asked me to come over! Next time, I expect snacks.

Yikes! I can’t believe I forgot the snacks! *** flings open pantry doors and stares at empty shelf where chips should be *** Oh that’s right. I’ve been binge watching old Godzilla movies.

editorIn last summer’s P2P contest, I was fortunate to be one of two writers Lara took on for a month of heavy duty revising. Rather than go on and on about how great she is, I thought it would be interesting to get her take on how she works with writers (like me) when she’s editing their manuscript. Kind of a peek inside…

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Today’s Writing Advice from around the Web

Today my inbox is full of bloggers who are on the ball.



Like they all collaborated in some underground writer bloggy meeting and bounced ideas off each other


until they decided, Hey. Let’s all give practical advice today which shall inspire the words right out of our unsuspecting followers.

Today subscriptions are on target, people. Hitting straight to the writer heart.

(I was going to include a Boromir GIF, but it’s too soon.)

I link to three of them after the jump. Go read ’em.

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