Writers Give Us a Hand

Yes, it’s a terrible, terrible pun.


Today I wanted to share this project from SharedWorlds as your Monday Motivation:

For Shared Worlds 2013, we have asked some of speculative fiction’s finest artists, editors, and writers to write advice on their own hands and send us a picture.

Check out the images here.

My favorite? This one by Greg Bossert.


It’s difficult to be vulnerable enough as a writer to give your work to someone else, even to your soulmate. Perhaps they are the worst critics because their opinion matters most.

Our written word is a part of us—some call their projects their “babies.” It’s a strange and harsh thing to hand our brain children over to a complete stranger, but unless we don’t, we’ll never know how it will survive out there in the real world.

Which hand was your favorite? Which one slapped you across the face?