Characters: MBTI continued

Last week I gave you a little “quiz” to use to figure out the Myers-Briggs of you or your characters.

This week I am giving you another little helpful chart about eight divisions of the MBTI types. As before, please see the official Myers-Briggs page here, or read more about typing on blogs dedicated to typing. Again, these are my favorites: Which MBTI Type… and  MBTI Types.

Below you will find a downloadable reference I created for the sixteen MBTI types divided into eight groups of two. I gave examples of fictional characters that, I think, embody those types. In real life, people are complex and may not fit neatly into one of the divisions. (I certainly don’t.) Fiction imitates life, so well-written characters are pretty complex, too. See my note about Hermione Granger following the images. Continue reading

An Introduction to Characters: MBTI

Update: If you’re here to find your personality type, welcome! Download the quiz or answer the questions at the bottom of this post. You might find that on other quizzes, you will more frequently get E over I, S over N, T if you’re male or F if you’re female, and J over P. Each of us has each quality! The point of MBTI is to discover what you’re like when left to your own devices. If you were apart from all cultural norms, would you still test the same? I hope these simple questions can help bring clarity to each dichotomy.

Welcome to the new CHARACTER series! To see more posts in this series, check out my writing resource page on Characters. Continue reading

Word of the Day: sprachgefuhl

Greetings and salutations, fellow wordsmiths!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, but it isn’t because I’ve forgotten. Actually, I’ve been working on something for a while for you. A special treat. I’m hoping I can finally have it done for you on Friday!

In the meantime, it’s Word Wednesday, and my mom sent me a link to the word of the day, Sprachgefuhl. It’s the understanding of language in the context of using it appropriately. Click the word to be taken to the Word a Day website for examples, including examples of what isn’t sprachgefuhl, from the wonderful gem, English As She is Spoke.

I have this book on my bookshelf. It’s quite awesome and (accidentally) very, very funny. Click the image to view or buy the book (It’s about $5 on Amazon).

But let’s talk about Sprachgefuhl. That’s sort of the point of Word Wednesday—to use language correctly and appropriately. So far we’ve talked about Latinate versus Anglo-Saxon words, mentioned the Holy Grail of Diction. Coming up, we will talk about flowery words and purple language, readability, breath units, syllables, cliches, and overused words. What are other language/diction/grammar questions you might have? Comment below and I’ll add them to the queue.

What have I been up to? Okay, you didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway. I finished The Hunger Games series, done lots of cleaning and cooking for way more parties than this introvert is used to, outlined my novel using the 8 C’s, adjusted my outline so that the flow worked better, and created detailed outlines for the first three chapters. I’ve obsessed over the Myers-Briggs method of personality typing and have spent hours reading MBTI Types on Tumblr and the posts of my fellow WordPress Blogger Tim on Which MBTI Type…

Tim is a great resource, so be sure to pay him a visit and feel free to ask him questions. I have personally asked him several, and he was quick to respond and help me figure out my MBTI type despite my confusion (I’m really middle of the line between T/F).

See you on Friday (Lord willing) with a super big present for you readers/writers! Hint: it is all about character development.