Pocket Poem Day

Pocket Poetry Day —

It’s Put a Poem in your Pocket day, April 24th, and this month is Poetry Month, so I thought, for fun, I’d share one of my old ones. It’s been too long since I’ve written poetry!

Which poem would you carry in your pocket to share to others today or any day?



Memory is a crazy woman that hoards
colored rags and throws away food.
—Austin O’Malley

i’d like to tie
kites to my beltloops
dive off the nicollet
and be carried through partly cloudy skies.
i would hurdle chicago, the piedmont mountains,
and free-fall into your backyard.

i’m losing you.
memories are thinning like brushed hair.
you’ve faded into
souvenirs in a suitcase, patches
torn from a favorite blanket:

naked feet on irish pebbles
and rolling over in the wild grass.
submerging into cold pacific water
lips on mouths of glass soda bottles
fingers turning pages of isaac asimov.

i want to see you and sew things together
but the sky is blue and barren
and the kites on the rooftop are limply scattered
like confetti, thrown and forgotten.

Lara Willard, 2009
Photo Credit: Patryk Specjal