Motivation Monday: WRITE NOW posters

Today on Motivation Monday, I am bringing you a choice of a ton of posters that tell you to write. Now.

Well, would you look at that! A nice, big image perfect for pinning on Pinterest! (Oh yes I did.)

I’ve got romance-y images, plain posters, international patterns, grungy textures, a flower my brother colored when he was 5, writing images (that’s a typewriter), a color-your-own outline…

It’s a PDF, in case you were wondering.

Pick which one inspires you the most, and print off that page. Or print them all off and give them to friends. Distribute these as you please, just don’t make it seem like you made the original, since you didn’t. We are all creative-types. Let’s be honest ones.

Speaking of creative types, if you DO want to make your own, I’m going to give you a PNG that you can place over any image to make your very own WRITE NOW poster.

Above is the one with outlines. Click it, and it will take you to the full sized image, which you can download and keep.

If you want one without outlines, click in the middle of the white space above. It’s white, on the white background of my blog, so you can’t see it, but it’s there. Just like the wind, or Jesus. Click, and then you’ll get the full sized image.

Place on top of a picture or texture of your choice, and your image will make the words “Write Now.”

These are all for letter-sized sheets. If you’d like a different size, comment below (4 to a page? Business card size? 5×7? 4×6?). If somebody agrees with you, I’ll get you different sizes on another Monday. Hope that’s cool. Hope you’re inspired or motivated.

Next week I’ll be asking you about what music you listen to whilst writing. Think about it now, and get ready to share next Monday. I can’t promise to update on Wednesday this week, but I will certainly be posting printable plotting worksheets on Friday.

Update: go to next week’s Monday motivation post to download the mobile phone version of the Write Now poster.

10 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: WRITE NOW posters

    • BA Johnson says:

      Not gonna lie, I ended up using the first image (the one you use as an example of all of the designs) as my phone background because I couldn’t decide which one I liked! Plus, the added bonus of my phone telling me to me to write now over and over doesn’t hurt. I wouldn’t mind seeing the “make your own” template in phone size, though, as I can combine it with my screenplay.

      Speaking of which, the day you posted that, I finished my first draft. Coincidence?

  1. Diyana says:

    OMG Lara! These are awesome! I’ve spent the last half hour making WRITE NOW posters. Would you mind if I used it as my avatar? I am definitely linking people to your post here!

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