Chekov Lists


If you are not of a geeky persuasion and/or have no appreciation for popular culture, you probably won’t appreciate this. But if you know who Pavel Chekov is, then I hope you like and enjoy.

I made a series of geeky to-do / check-off lists for you. I call them…

wait for it…


I’ve got blue ones with trekkie insignia…


Assorted colors for color-coders:

and black and white sketchy ones for those trying to save some toner…
chekovblackThey’re free! You can download them on my brand new Teachers Pay Teachers website, here.

Finding these downloads helpful? Consider leaving a tip so I can create more free resources, like these worksheets!

If you do download them, and if you enjoy them, do me a favor and rate them, please! I’ll slowly be adding to my products on the website. Many things will be free. Some things will cost a couple bucks. The more sales I make on those, the more time I can spend making more! Which means more writing exercises and worksheets for you fine people.

Have fun with them, print out a bunch for friends, enjoy!


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