Hello, dear ones.

I’ll be blogging even more infrequently for the next few weeks because I just signed up for NaNoWarmUp. NaNoWriMo, as I’m sure you’re aware, involves writing 50,000 words in the month of November, i.e. the worst month of the year for a military wife to attempt any writing whatsoever. NaNoWarmUp is 25,000 words in the month of October. It’s about 800 words each day.

I will still be microblogging on Facebook and Twitter through the months, so be sure to follow me for writing tips, frustrations, and inspiration. And if you’re on Twitter, too, give me a shout out so I can follow you. I’d like you even more if you tweeted me some encouragement / nagging / puns / corny jokes. And you can always share your frustrations to me there, especially if you want me to send you some legit resources for what you’re struggling with.

See you on the social media spheres!

Are you doing either NaNo this year? Check out my worksheets, my post on The Myth of Writer’s Block, and the tabs at the top of the page for even more.

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