Newbery Medal Winners in Fiction, 1950-1979

Many, many moons ago I gave you a poster of the Newbery Medal Novels from 1980 to 2012. This one:

Download this poster here. Download the new poster below.

It took a really, really long time to make because I had to summarize all these books I’d never read into just 20 words or fewer. It was kind of exhausting, and I got distracted, and I never finished the other posters.

Then I read a handful of the Newbery Medal winners seen above, and several times I thought, “Really? This won the Newbery Medal?”

Life is too short to read you’re not impressed with, so I abandoned my project in the summer and started reading from a bigger pool of novels.

I realize that may come off as really stuck up. But I have high, personal standards for juvenile literature. I liked The Graveyard Book, I enjoyed my re-reads of The Giver, The Westing Game and From the Mixed-Up Files…, and I found Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! interesting. A Wrinkle in Time wasn’t as enjoyable to me as an adult—Calvin was a dear, but Meg, whom I loved as a child, I found to be more annoying, and Charles Wallace was…insufferable. Like, pre-dragon-Eustace-Scrubb insufferable.

Anyway, I got a recent comment on that post asking if I had finished the other posters. Short answer, no. Longer answer, with two kids, part-time jobs, etc., pro bono work gets put at the bottom of my gigantic to-do pile.

BUT, I got that comment, and because I haven’t been blogging much and to demonstrate that I DO listen to your comments (and because I feel bad), I scrambled together and finished part 2 of that poster series tonight. Let me know if you catch typos, because InDesign does not have a reliable spell check, and I am sleep-deprived.

Click the button below to download the Newbery Medal Winners in Fiction, 1950-1979.

A couple other notes:

  • Not all of the Newbery winners are included. They didn’t all fit! That’s why these are just the novels. Non-fiction and poetry compilations aren’t included. Sorry.
  • The boxes by the cover images include the date of the award and serve as a check box, so you can keep track of which ones you’ve read.
  • Since I haven’t read some of these books, the blurb may not be the best representation of the novel.
  • I haven’t printed this out myself yet. If the images are a bit fuzzy, it’s because I couldn’t find high-res images of the covers.
  • This is for educational or personal use only. You MAY NOT use these posters for any sort of commercial gain.

Want the books from 1920 to 1949? Let me know! I accept bribery and compliments. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until I get some more spare time, which will hopefully be soon!

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