Chuck Wendig’s Awkward Author Photo Contest

Chuck Wendig is throwing a contest for awkward author photos.

Details here.

So I started treating it like spirit day, harkening back to my high school and college days. I straightened my hair, did a zigzag part down the middle, braided it, tied it off with mismatching glitter mini scrunchies. (Okay, they aren’t technically scrunchies, but if I had mini scrunchies, I woulda used them.)

Then I took some photos with the help of my small children.

Awkward author

But then the subject of Photoshop came up and how it IS allowed in the contest, so I decided to ditch the subtle awkwardness above for flamboyant weirdness. The end result will be more ridiculous than awkward, but I’ll have fun putting it together this weekend.

Go enter! It will be fun to see all the entries.

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