Come Drink the Kool-Aid. Join the Comedic Fantasy Authors Team!

An opportunity for comedic fantasy writers.

Kylie Betzner

Do you write comedic or light fantasy? Interested in cross-promotion? Want to join an author’s team? Then here me out.

lisas2 Yeah, it’ll be just like Ocean’s Eleven or the Simpson’s book job

In the near future,  I’m planning on launching an author’s team designated to comedic fantasy writers and light fantasy writers exclusively. The purpose of this team is to provide support for those who write and publish within this niche genre by creating an author’s team page on each member’s blog that includes information about every member of the group. Team pages should include the following information on each member:

  • Name
  • Image
  • Brief bio
  • Titles (with images and links if possible)
  • Links to their social media sites

That’s it. Pretty simple right. And to keep things simple, I will maintain contact with the group via group e-mails. Don’t worry, it will not get spammy. The only notifications you’ll receive is when…

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