January-March Pitching Opportunities 2015


There are so many pitching opportunities coming up in the next few weeks and months that I might be forgetting one. If you know of any more contests, please let me know in the comments! Note that I am only including contests and pitching opportunities that are open to unpublished writers and which either have no entry fee or give professional feedback


  • AgentMatch
  • SunVsSnow
  • Adpit
  • PitMad
  • Ink & Insights
  • Carina Pitch

Writers Seeking Agent #AgentMatch

For: PB–A

Submission Date: Send before Feb 5th at 8pm EST.

Submission Package: hook (one-sentence tagline), query, optional photo (see blog for specifics)

Entries: 150

Winners: unclear, but I believe each entry will be sorted by age category to make it easier for agents to scroll through.

Twitter: Cheer each other on using the #AgentMatch hashtag.

Sun Versus Snow #SunvsSnow

For: MG, YA, NA, and Adult genres, excluding erotica

Submission Date: Jan 26, 4pm EST (submission closes after 200 entries!)

Submission Package: heat vs cold paragraph, query, first 250 words (see blog for specifics)

Entries: 200

Winners: 30—fifteen entries will be chosen by each side (snow and sun), which will receive critiques from mentors before their revised queries and pages are posted for the agent round (Feb 9-11)

Twitter: Root for your favorite entries using the #SunVsSnow hashtag.


For: Adult and New Adult manuscripts only

Submission Date: Feb 8

Submission Package: Pitch, Query (see blog for upcoming info)

Entries: 150

Winners: 11—six will be critiqued by “slushies” and the top 5 will receive a full critique from a secret agent / editor. All 11 will appear on the blog.

Twitter: Pitch party on February 13th open to all A and NA complete manuscripts

Pitch Madness #PitMad

For: PB, MG, YA, NA, A

Submission Date: Feb 20

Submission Package: 35-word pitch, first 250 words (see blog for more info)

Entries: 500+

Winners: 60 entries go onto the agent round.

Twitter: Pitch party on March 11th open to all complete manuscripts

Ink & Insights (Contest)

For: MG, YA, NA, A

Submission Date: March 1

Submission Package: first 10,000 words, $35 entry fee

Entries: ~200

Winners: Every entry gets professional feedback from 4 judges (that’s what the entry fee is for). Top 3 entries are read by 7 agents.

Twitter: n/a

Picture and Chapter Book Party!

For: Picture Books and Chapter Books

Submission Date: March 16

Submission Package: query, plus first 50 words (PB) or 100 words (chapter book)

Entries: 15–20

Winners: Every entry gets professional feedback from 4 judges (that’s what the entry fee is for). Top 3 entries are read by 7 agents.

Twitter: #PBParty (Date TBA)


See the press release for more information on how to pitch directly to Carina Press editors on March 19th.

Twitter: Pitch party on March 19th from 9am–9pm EST

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