Introducing the League of Comedy Fantasists: Jon Brierley

Jon is another member of the League of Comedy Fantasists, and this is his interview. Do you write comedic fantasy? Contact Kylie about becoming part of our group!

Kylie Betzner

It’s Friday, Friday! I’m so glad it’s Friday! Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend–okay, okay, I’m done. I apologize to anyone who now has that song stuck in their heads. But today, is in fact Friday, which means it’s time to introduce you to the third and final member of the League of Comedy Fantasists!

Jon Meet Jon Brierley

Today I’m turning the spotlight on Jon Brierley. What to say about Jon? Hmm. Besides the fact that he’s a voracious reader, and talented writer–mainly of comedic fantasy and parodies–he’s probably the most genuine person I know on social media. He’s honest, friendly, and above all, random. But mostly, he loves to share his friends’ achievements as well as his dinner plans. If you’re not following him on Twitter or WordPress, you should. He’s a good friend.

As far as his writing is concerned, he’s mostly unpublished and very much unpaid. He currently…

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