pg70pit writing contest logo

#pg70pit—The Countdown Begins!

We are less than a month away from sharing the twenty-one best 70th pages from aspiring authors!

Submission dates:
7/1 for MG audience
7/2 for YA audience
7/3 for Adult audience

Do not enter this contest if you’re not ready to send your complete manuscript to an interested agent! This contest isn’t for ego-boosting—it’s for showcasing the best new and unpublished voices we see.

This week I’ll finish going through my list asking agents if they will participate. We’ve already got a solid lineup of participating agencies!

Let’s get the party started here and on Twitter. Comment or tweet your age category and genre, and don’t forget to use BOTH #pg70pit and #contest in your tweets. For more information about the contest and how to filter spam out of the Twitter feed, see the main contest page.

Remember, this is a blind contest, so don’t give away your title, character name, or pitch on Twitter if using the hashtags!

Stay tuned for the list of agents. See you in the comments and/or on Twitter!pg70pit

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