Two chances at a free full manuscript critique!

Super quick note from Lara—

I’m still waiting on one bio from a pg70pit reader, but I wanted to plug Pitch to Publication (#pitchtopublication). I talked about it briefly in my Pitching Opportunities post, but I wanted to remind everyone that the submission window opens MONDAY!

During Pitch to Publication, you read through the interviews of 22 freelance editors (Elizabeth Buege, a fellow MS Editor, and myself will be participating!), select 5 editors to query, and then those editors will choose a manuscript to read in full and give big-picture edits to. The writer revises and then agents look at the submissions and make requests. If an agent offers rep, the manuscript becomes available to acquisitions editors.

Think of this as a high-speed track to publication. Go to Samantha’s post (linked above) for more information. I’ve included some of my wish list for Pitch to Publication on Twitter using the #p2pMSWL hashtag tweeting with my @LaraEdits account. Elizabeth (@ekbuege) has tweeted some of her MSWL today.

If you don’t get into #PitchtoPublication (only 22 writers will!), you’ll have another option this summer for a free full manuscript critique. My intern will be offering one as part of her internship. After the craziness of pg70pit dies down, we’ll release more information about what kind of novels she’s looking to critique.

I’ll probably delete this post in the future, but I wanted to make sure all my readers got a reminder about this awesome opportunity for complete manuscripts!

One thought on “Two chances at a free full manuscript critique!

  1. af10ski says:

    Thanks, Laura. I’m excited for this. I’ve looked over the editor list earlier today and my jaw dropped. Wow- some awesome opportunity here. Crossing my fingers I can win one of those spots. Thanks for volunteering your time to be one of the amazing editors.

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