[2016] pg70pit Adult Submission Form

The entry window has closed. Join the party on Twitter. Follow or subscribe (in the footer) to get new posts—including the announcement of winners!

What you need to enter:

  • Your e-mail address (This is private, used only to verify entries or notify winners.)
  • Your code name (This contest is anonymous—choose something unique and difficult to trace back to you. This year entrants will chose song lyrics up to 7 words.)
  • The song from which your code name comes. (The finalists will be made into a playlist on Spotify, so try to pick a song available on Spotify and fairly unique.) 
  • Your novel’s intended audience—Middle Grade, Teen, or Adult (Adult is 18+)
  • Your novel’s word count, rounded to the nearest thousand (so 71,469 becomes 71K)
  • The closest genre (I recognize that these genre choices might not be a perfect pick for your manuscript. They will determine which slush reader will read your work and possibly which agents will read your entry, so choose the most similar audience. I have a guide to major genres here.)
  • OPTIONAL: Sub-genre (Here is my guide to sub-genres of science fiction and fantasy)
  • Seven words describing your MC (DO NOT include character’s name. Can be a list of words or a phrase)
  • Your 70th page with extra spaces between paragraphs (From your 69th and 70th pages, choose a section of consecutive words, 257 words maximum.)

If the POV character on your 69th-70th page is not your MC, you may include a disclaimer at the beginning of your page.


*This excerpt is in the POV of my MC’s [insert relationship]*

[begin excerpt]

Judges receive your code name, genre, 7-word description, and your page—all single-spaced without formatting. Please add an extra return after each paragraph:

Not like this paragraph 1. [return]
And paragraph 2.

But like this paragraph 1.[return]
And paragraph 2.

Thanks for entering! Join the party on Twitter.

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