February Freebies

Hi all! Happy Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day. After a Twitter convo brought up the need for introverts to hit on people they see reading without disturbing them, I decided we needed bookmarks that say “You are cute and  you read—email me.”

But bookmarks can be hard to carry on your person all the time, so I decided to make them the size of business cards instead. I hope you enjoy them! Click the images below to download either the black and white or the black and red version.

Only 4 of the crop marks showed up in the PDF, so know that the cards are each 2″x3.5″

On the back, write:

  • your first name
  • your email
  • subj: [a keyword that you’ll be able to identify them by, like “combat boots” or “Wuthering Heights”]



I also made a dorky new desktop background that some cat-loving writers might enjoy. You can download that, too.

All of these are for personal use only!


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