Be a Guest Blogger

Would you like to write a guest post for Write Edit Repeat?

I’m looking for articles in the following categories:

  • Author Chats—interviews with established writers, editors, or authors with an imminent book release from a reputable publisher within two months
  • First Impressions—cover reveals of upcoming books
  • Motivation—short, motivational posts for writers backed up by personal experience
  • Fiction—instructional or informative posts about the craft of writing or editing fiction
  • Poetry—instructional or informative posts about the craft of writing poetry

Article Requirements:

  • Article must contain exclusive content (It may not be posted anywhere else, but it may be reblogged or linked to on your personal blog)
  • Article must contain original content (No plagiarism, and if I’ve already written on the subject, you must link back to my original post and include additional, new content)
  • Completed article must be 500–750 words
  • Short author bio, fewer than 75 words, with links if applicable, written in third person.
  • Author headshot to be posted with the bio
  • One copyright-free image that captures the essence of the article (Include a link to the original source!)*

*Since my blog has limited storage, guest posts can contain only one image beside the author headshot.

Submission Requirements

To be considered for a guest post, you’ll need to propose your article. (You can propose up to 3 ideas.) I require the following elements in your proposal:

1. Your Name

Give your name how you’d have it appear in the byline, i.e., “This guest post was written by _____ _____”

2. Vivid title or headline

Without using click-bait or spammy language, create a title that will make readers want to click on your post and read it. It should be descriptive and compelling. Yes: “7 Tips for Writing Realistic Dialogue” No: “You’ll never guess how I chose my book title” or “She could’ve written a book. Instead, she did this.”

In other words, if your title sounds anything like an Upworthy article, you’ll need to come up with something actually descriptive.

3. One-sentence summary of the content

This will be the first sentence of your article. It’s also what readers will see as an excerpt when scrolling through the feed.

4. Experience

To show me that you are qualified to write on the topic, include one of the following:

  • A link to your resume—with relevant writing experience, educational courses, or publishing deals
  • A brief (<50 word) summary of your qualifications for writing on the subject (can include professional or hobby experience)
  • A link to your portfolio—with samples of your writing

5. Outline of subheadings

An outline shows me that your post will be organized and will flow logically from one point to the other. It also saves me time when creating a table of contents for the post, because your outline should give me the tentative subheadings you’d use. For example, here’s the TOC from my post on Sub-genres:


SFF Sub-genres Used in #SFFpit

The Difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy

What’s the Difference between…

Setting-Based Sub-genres

Literary Fantasy

Fantasy Romance or Romance Fantasy (Order Matters!)

Your outline doesn’t be more detailed than that, but you’re welcome to give a sentence description under each heading. Aim for 2–4 subheadings. (My sub-genre post is well over a thousand words, so it has more!)

Submission Form

Submit your proposal(s) below. No more than 3 proposals per person.

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