My Works


WORLD SONG, adult crossover fantasy

Galavant meets The Princess Bride when a time-traveling wannabe hero crashes his teen sister‘s royal wedding to bring her back to the 21st century.

Outlining / Drafting

ROSE OF THE WORLD (companion to WORLD SONG), adult historical SFF

Agents of the Interworld Bureau of Anachronisms keep mysteriously disappearing to Henry II’s England, including intern Rose Clifford.

CYCLES, middle grade contemporary fantasy

When 13-year-old Marina Espinoza goes through puberty, she learns that every woman in her family shares two traits: 1) a deep appreciation for sweet sopaipillas and 2) hormone-induced superpowers.

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Beta Readers volunteer to read my full manuscript within 7-10 days and email me an honest review of the novel, including what he/she liked and didn’t like, as well as suggestions for improvement. It does not include proofreading or editing, and you volunteer without expectation of payment (you won’t be paid) or favors (though if your comments are especially helpful, I’ll figure out a way to thank you!).

For WORLD SONG, I’m especially seeking readers 

  • who can play the violin, viola, or cello
  • that are male and age 15–18, 19–30, 30–50, and 50+
  • that are female and ages 15–18 and 50+
  • who read many different authors of contemporary fantasy
  • who have researched medieval England
  • who are Jewish