In the [Writing] Zone


Bridgid Gallagher just tweeted about using Pinterest as a writer. I have a secret board for each of my writing projects, filled with images to inspire me and links to resources.

On her blog, Bridgid shares four more tips on how she gets into the writing zone, including having a writing playlist. I’ve shared my writing playlist for WORLD SONG before, but I’ve also heard good things about SoundFuel, a blog for writing music, and Skye Fairwin’s YouTube channel of music sorted by scene or mood.

All of them are great tips! My only problem is #2—it would take me all day to clean off my desk. Instead I escape to a library to write.

Head on over to Bridgid’s blog to read 5 Tricks for Getting into the Writing Zone.

Book Songs Blog Hop


I thought it would be fun to share my book playlist with you all. Do you have a soundtrack for your book? Do you want to share? In October I’ll host a #BookSongs blog hop. All you have to do is create a playlist, post it on your blog in October (using the image above), and give me some information so I can link to your playlist.

Your book can be published or in progress. Your playlist can be a Spotify playlist, a Youtube playlist, or just a list of tracks and artists. It can be as long or short as you want.

my playlist


Status: Work in Progress

Genre: Time Travel Fantasy

Age of protagonist(s): 25, 21, 17

Setting: Minnesota, 2009 | Wales, 1176

Moods: Wonder, dreamy, falling in love

more playlists

Anne Brennan


Status: Work in Progress

Genre: Portal Fantasy, Time Travel

Age of protagonist(s): 22, 26, 11

Setting: Tennessee, Present Day – The other side of the portal 😉

Moods: Falling in love, Emotional, Darkness

Find her playlist on her blog!

enter yours

Step One: Create your playlist.

Step Two: Post it to your blog or website including:

  1. The image above
  2. The text “Lara Willard’s BookSongs Blog Hop” in your post, with link to this post
  3. The information above (book title, status, genre…)
  4. Your Twitter handle if it isn’t obvious on your blog (So we can follow you if we like your playlist!)
  5. Links to your book (if it’s published)

Step Three: Fill out the form below so I can link to your post on my blog.

Step Four: Get your friends to participate!

Musical Motivation: Playlists

Last week I asked if you wanted any other sizes for the “Write Now” posters. Here’s the template for 960×640 resolutions (iPhone). Right click the button below and “save as.” Remember, it’s all white, so it might look invisible if you click the button. Place over the image of your choice.

Here’s an image I created using the template above, as well as a black version. Download either for your phone home screen as a constant reminder.

Back to regular programming

I hope you’ve thought about what kind of music you listen to whilst writing, for now is the time to share! Here’s how you’ll do it:

What’s your playlist? The playlist you listen to while writing, or any list of songs that get you to write. Describe the mood of the playlist

What’s your genre? The genre you write most frequently, or the genre you are currently writing under. If you write straight up fiction, include the mood. How serious or goofy is your work?

What’s your theme song? This is the theme song for your WIP. It’s the song that would be in the trailer head up the soundtrack of the film version.

Leave a comment with your answers. You can add links if you’d like. I monitor my comments, so I’ll do my part to exterminate any spam.

Pssst…If you’re a writer blogger person, feel free to ask your readers the same questions on your blog, but please link back to this post so that my readers can read your post, too! Everybody gets more playlists that way 🙂

Answers de Lara

Mix: If my love life were made into a movie, Love Music would be the soundtrack. It’s a musical bildungsroman, covering little girl romance to married life. Most of the songs are by indie artists, so there’s a bit of whimsy or fantasy to them.

Genre: My current WIP is a time-traveling historical fantasy. I like to refer to it as “mainstream fantasy” because it’s historical fiction with elements of fantasy and science fiction. Like the playlist above, it’s fun and whimsical. The second book in the series has some more action and sci-fi elements to it. I’ll probably listen to the TRON soundtrack while writing that one.

Theme song: The theme song for my current work would be the oldie-but-goodie “Starlight” by Muse. Video is below, with a low picture quality, unfortunately. [Rated G]*

Want to know the videos I used in today’s image? Here you go. I can’t stop listening to these songs.

“We Are Young” by Fun. [PG—V]*

“Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey [PG-13—S,V]*

“Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye [PG—N]*

*Note: As a courtesy for my readers, sometimes I’ll include “ratings” for external links. This includes an age rating [G, PG, PG-13, R] and codes for profane language [L], violence [V], nudity [N], or sexual themes [S]. You don’t need to rate any links in your comments, but please let us know if any music or videos you link to are NFSW (not safe for work).

Write now.