pg70pit Adult Winners

In the pg70pit contest, judges score entries based on the strength of their writing voice. These fourteen 70th pages from unpublished manuscripts got the highest scores in the adult category.

The fourteen winners are divided equally between this blog and Lara Willard’s blog. Agents may request queries, partials, or fulls in the comments.

On Elizabeth Buege’s Blog:

  1. Historical—I Should’ve Worshipped Her Sooner
  2. Science Fiction—Coming at you like a dark horse
  3. Mystery—Trade Your Heroes for Ghosts
  4. Contemporary—The waking up is the hardest part
  5. Romance—Love isn’t all that it seems
  6. Thriller—The price of my love
  7. Fantasy—Take your life and make it right


  1. Fantasy—I do the best imitation of myself
  2. Contemporary—We’re not broken, just bent
  3. Fantasy—I am Music
  4. Thriller—The Music Is in My Blood
  5. Fantasy—Only then I am human
  6. Romance—Cool Wind in My Hair
  7. Romance—I know Right Where I Went Wrong

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