The Hunger Games: Analysis to come!

I interrupt my vacation to let you know that this week I’m reading The Hunger Games.

And also to let you know that I’ve decided to use The Hunger Games to illustrate my 8 C’s of  plotting.

So if you don’t want the whole plot of the first book given away to you, I’d advise you pick up the book or watch the movie before April 13th. If you don’t, I’ll try whiting out the spoilers, so you have to highlight them to read them. Still, The Hunger Games seems like the best choice right now, since so many people have read the book or seen the movie. If you can think of another movie that has seen such a big audience, let me know and I can try using those. I think The Lion King is a pretty good choice. If I must, I can refer to Titanic, but I’d rather not.

In other news, never try blogging on from your iPhone, unless you want to be seriously annoyed and unable to italicize reasonably. Yeah, there’s probably an app, but apps take up waaaay too much space on my phone. Space I can use for movies or videos of my child roaring at dinosaurs.

Until next week.

Write now.

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