I’m back! We finally have internet in our new home, so I am ready to get back into the saddle of blogging. But right now it’s dinner time, so I’m going to have to post tomorrow or Friday.

What should we talk about next? Did you have a good time over at PaperWings while I was gone? I hope so.

Comment here with what you’d like more information about. I’ll do the legwork and give you what you need to know.

Want to know about characters? Dialogue? Setting? Mood? Theme? Something else? Let me know. I’d like this blog to be interactive, which means that everybody gets something out of it, but the more you put in, the more you get out.

And since I’m not actually giving you anything to work with today except for asking you a question, I’ll send you over to another writer’s blog. Here’s a post about Character Arcs on Screenwriter on Location that you might enjoy. Warning: Includes Star Wars.

5 thoughts on “LET THERE BE INTERNET

  1. Bethany (Armstrong) says:

    Well, I figure I’ll leave my random comment here (since you asked). I’m listening to a podcast by screenwriter John August (and Craig Mazin), and they’re discussing what applications they use for the writing process and I’m curious what application you use. I know you’ve mentioned you use Evernote to organize novel elements, but what do you use to do the actual writing/formatting/staring at blank pages? They were mentioning an application I had never heard of called Scrivener. August seemed to think it was a little clunky for screenwriting, but would work well for a novel. Granted, it costs money whereas, say, TextEdit or Notepad are free. Still, I became curious and thought I would ask! You know, if I ever decide to write novels instead of scripts 🙂

  2. Lara says:

    You can try Scrivener for 30 days for free! I liked it while crafting the novel at first, but now that the trial period has ended, I don’t find myself hurrying back to it. One app I did like was Omm Writer, which is a distraction-free writing program that is free and easy on the eyes and ears. Haven’t used it in a while though—I’ve been keeping all my notes in Evernote so I can get it from my phone, computer, wherever.

    Honestly, right now I have started the habit of old-fashioned hand writing notes and putting them in a binder, in hopes that I can start do more writing offline on my typewriter. (How hipster is that?!) Because I get distracted by the internet far too easily.

  3. Bethany (Armstrong) Johnson says:

    I’ll have to check out Omm Writer. I’ve been hearing rumors that Apple is coming out with an iPad friendly screenwriting software, but from experience with writing on the iPad, that sounds unbearably annoying.

    I agree, hand writing is the way to go, especially when the goal is a distraction-free environment. Unless, of course, you forget your notebook and end up writing on a paper towel. And then you lose said paper towel :/

    • Lara says:

      Typing on an iPad does seem unbearably annoying. Blogging from my iPhone is virtually impossible.

      That’s why I love Evernote. I always have my phone on me, and it keeps all my notes in one place. I can’t tell you how heartbroken I was when my mom lost all my notes for my first novel when I was in high school. Though it’s probably a blessing in disguise—I don’t think it would have been a very marketable book.

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