Twitter Tuesday #1

With the exception of yesterday’s post on SMART Goals and motivation, I haven’t been blogging much.

I’ve been reading, editing, and writing. I’ve also been tweeting. And while I’m actively editing, I sometimes live-tweet the advice I’m giving my clients.

But some of you don’t have Twitter. And rather than tell you to get on Twitter and follow me (@larathelark), I figure it might be good to compile all of the writing advice into one monthly post. So here’s the first one, and we’ll see how this goes. This way you can get all my writing advice tweets without having to participate in the time-suck that is social media.

Of course, if you already Twitter tarry, then feel free to follow me there. It’s a good way to connect with writers, agents, and publishers on a superficial level.

Anyway, the idea is that the first Tuesday of the month, I’ll post all the #writingtips tweets from the previous month here. We’ll see if I remember in following months.



(Here’s a link to the video of that Space Ghost episode)

Big words


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