New Giveaway—Query Workshops



Hopefully by now you know to follow me on Twitter for editing giveaways. If not, follow me @larathelark!

Inspired by the brave writers who participated in #QueryKombat and the Query Shark herself Janet Reid, I’ve decided to start giving away monthly Query Critiques on my blog. To enter for June 2014, email your query to query lara at icloud dot com. Do not send it as an attachment. Post it into the email directly. Subject line: June 2014 Query Submission.

By emailing me your query with the subject “June 2014 Query Submission,” you agree that your query may be posted and critiqued, publicly, on my blog and be included in the archives as long as the blog shall live. Your MS title will be included in the public critique, but your name and contact information will be redacted.

I’m accepting queries without restriction through midnight June 15th, 2014. I’ll open up July queries after I post the first critique and more detailed instructions for following months.

If your query is not chosen for June, yours will be added automatically in the July pile. They will be chosen at random. Do not resubmit unless you have edited your query. As the months progress, more queries will be added to the pile, so you’ll have better chances earlier than if you wait. I’m not an agent, I’m a freelance editor, so I accept queries for manuscripts that aren’t finished.

Don’t want your query publicly critiqued? For $35 I’ll personally, privately critique your query letter. Email me your query (again, not as an attachment) with the subject line “$35 Query Critique.” I’ll email you with information on sending me payment, and then I’ll edit once I receive said payment.

I look forward to getting your queries!


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