#pg70pit—A New Kind of Pitching Contest!

Note: due to some nasty spam hijacking the #70Pit hashtag on Twitter, please use BOTH #pg70pit and #contest in your tweets, and when searching for tweets, enter “#pg70pit #contest -click -watch -video -movie -followers” into the search bar. Then save that search. Hopefully that will eliminate spam!

This July I’m hosting a new type of contest and pitching opportunity for writers with complete, polished novels (Middle Grade, YA, or NA/Adult) in any genre except erotica.

What makes 70-pit different?

  • No 35-word pitch, no query, no first page.
  • Age categories are submitted on different days and will be given equal attention.

Find out more about this contest on the #70pit page.

You have until July, so get those manuscripts critiqued, read by beta readers, and revised.




Interested in co-hosting or reading through the slush? Contact me on Twitter. To be considered, you must be agented, have prior experience working with a literary agency, or have a degree in English, writing, or literature. You’ll need to read through all slush entries and choose seven titles from each category to post on your blog.

Stay tuned for more information! I also hope to host a GRAPHIC NOVEL contest later in the year.

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