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#pg70pit Editing Giveaway!

Quick FYI, I (Lara) am on vacation this week, but I’ll be reminding agents that they can still request #pg70pit entries. If you receive a request after 7/20/15, I’ll email you!

If you see your code name below, hold tight until we can connect your email address with your editor’s. If you don’t see your code name, see below for a chance at feedback on your entry.

Editing Giveaways

Meghan Barret

One seven-page edit

  • Dream Weaver I Believe

Megan Ruesink

Three five-page edits

  • Cockles & Mussels, Alive Alive-O
  • In My Field of Paper Flowers
  • Are We Human

Elizabeth Buege

Four five-page edits

  • We Can Be Heroes Forever and Ever
  • That’s Some Hot Dish! Fondue for Two!
  • As the Sun Burns the Ground
  • Dreams of You Are Hard to Erase

Kaleigh Walter

Two five-page edits (still deciding which gets which!)

  • Where Courage Was Contagious
  • Like a Book Elegantly Bound

Five one-page edits

  • Raise You Like a Phoenix
  • Can’t Turn Back Now
  • Trapped Between Two Lungs
  • Bullets Catch in Her Teeth
  • Ring of Fire

Lara Willard

First Chapter Critique

  • Not a Novice Any Longer
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • Take a Chance on Me
  • I’m Hero Zero with a Capital Z
  • Shock Me Like an Electric Eel
  • Chasing After Time
  • Words are Weapons

Chance at pg70pit Entry Feedback

I wish I could give personalized feedback to every one of you! Unfortunately, I took off two weeks from work to host this contest, so there’s no way I can look through each entry and send detailed feedback. However, I’ve created a raffle so that seven of you can receive feedback on your entries. Enter here, via rafflecopter.

I’ll announce the winners of the raffle next week. If you do not receive the raffle and are desperate for feedback, I can email a quick note of encouragement and constructive criticism for $7. I’ve blocked off time during the second week in August to respond to these requests and will answer in order of receipt.

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