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This is going to be the final pg70pit “nitty gritty” post until next year, unless we get some good news from the winners! (Winners, if you receive representation, even if not directly due to the contest, let me know! I’d love to interview you!) I will, however, deconstruct one or more of the winning entries so you can see why we picked them. If you have a request for an age category and/or genre, comment below, and I’ll see if one of them received a perfect score.

Normal blogging will continue soon!

Raffle Winners

The following people won free feedback on their pg70pit entry:

  • Pj Feldsine
  • Diana Arellano Hicks
  • Denise Stanley
  • Myra Fiacco
  • Robyn Arrington
  • Elesha Halbert-Teskey
  • KK

How to still get entry feedback

If you’d like entry feedback and didn’t win the raffle, enter the form below, and I’ll email you back with payment information. Cost is $7 per entry, paid via PayPal. You’ll receive an email with encouragement and ways to improve.

If you have more than one code name, include each on the line, separated with a semicolon (;), and include the age category for each.

I have reserved the second week in August to respond to these requests.

Query Critiques

If you submitted to pg70pit, I’m giving a 50% discount on query critiques. Email your code name and query to querylara[AT] with the subject “pg70pit query” to receive payment instructions. Cost is $17.50 with discount. Your email address and code name must match the ones used when submitting to pg70pit.

I currently have about a 1-week wait list for queries. If you wait a few weeks, my turnaround will be back to 2-3 business days.

Manuscript Critique

My intern Meghan is doing a full manuscript critique as part of her summer internship. Interested? Apply here by August 1st.

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