What’s New in 2016?

What’s on your reading list for 2016?

What are your goals for the new year?

One of my goals was to start a YouTube channel—it’s a way for me to bring a more multimedia experience to the blog. It also helps me break up the monotony of text-only blogging. I’d rather tell you about my favorite books than write to you about them. Plus I’m a visual person, and I’m really excited to become a part of the BookTube community. And I’m excited to start interacting with you all in a different medium.

Here’s my first video, with a “cameo” of a 2006 version of me.

Are you on YouTube? What are your favorite channels?

The next few posts on here will be video-heavy as I talk about my favorite books of 2015, but then I’ll get back into more writing topics. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know more about? Anything you’d like me to revisit? I’m open to suggestions!

4 thoughts on “What’s New in 2016?

    • Lara says:

      Thank you! I have two copies of GE—I should read one of them! I missed Harriet the Spy (read all the Encyclopedia Browns though!), so I’ll add that to my list, too 🙂

  1. Abrian Curington says:

    But really, how did you get away with not reading Dickens?! Warning: He was paid by the word.

    I do enjoy Great Expectations (original ending only please). The character of Ms. Havisham in particular is lovely.

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