Want to be a slush reader for #70pit16?

Here’s my open call for pg70pit slushies!

#pg70pit is a unique contest in that entries are selected by voice alone. While other contests are better suited for commercial fiction which hooks by the first page, #pg70pit is a contest intending to highlight strong, diverse, or “quiet” voices.

If you think you’ve got the writing and revision chops to be a slushie, read on!

pg70pit writing contest logo

Remember: the contest itself is open to any writer with a complete and polished novel-length work, for age categories MG–Adult.

Constest slushies, however, must have either:

  • a writing/English/literature major or minor (must have completed at least 3 years of study), or
  • a book deal with a nationally recognized publisher*

*Acceptable publishers:

Why these rules? We need slushies who can recognize a strong literary voice, and I don’t have time to vet everyone personally. There are so many excellent pitching contests for commercial fiction; I wanted to offer a pitching contest for quieter stories. #pg70pit is the result.

Reading the slush is a volunteer position. Entries come in July 1 for MG, July 2 for YA, and July 3 for Adult. All entries must be read and judged by July 5th at 7pm EDT. I estimate that each slushie will be assigned fewer than 60 entries (60 pages).

By hitting “submit,” you recognize that this is a blind contest—you pledge to not enter this contest yourself in 2016, and you pledge to pass any entries you recognize onto another slushie.

11 thoughts on “Want to be a slush reader for #70pit16?

    • Lara says:

      Hey Afton—awesome! Can you enter using the form on the blog post? (It might not be visible from email or mobile.) That way I can keep all the entries together 🙂

  1. Travis Corter says:

    I am a full-time copywriter with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Comm. May I volunteer to judge?

      • howlifyouhearme says:

        Hi Lara–may we act as both judges and entrants in this contest? When will we be notified if we are selected as judges? 🙂

      • Lara says:

        Hi! Note the small print: if you submit an application you are agreeing to not enter this year 🙂

        I’ll email out a form to judges next week to sort slushies by age category.

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