#pg70pit – What are the judges looking for?

Our MG cohost for this year’s #pg70pit shares his thoughts and what he’s looking for in #70pit16.

A writing spot for JD Burns

Hi there, contest fans!

So you’re thinking about entering the amazing #pg70pitcontest run by theCaKwTtfWAAQDkjm incomparable Lara Willard.  Awesome.

You’ve got your manuscript ready to roll – you read the contest rules (like twice already) – you’ve been stalking followingLara on twitter– you’ve got a sparkly Page 70 ready to submit….and then it hits you: what are the contest judges looking for anyway?

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2 thoughts on “#pg70pit – What are the judges looking for?

  1. Margaret McManis says:

    Lara,I am on my fifth rewrite of my MG historical set in medieval Spain and I need to find a beta reader. My critique group is pretty tired of it by now so new eyes are in order. Where do I go to find a historical beta reader?  Margaret McManis Author of: Ima and the Great Texas Ostrich Race, The Wild Texas Stampede and Ole, Cinco de Mayo 662 Skyline Drive Conroe, Tx. 77302 cell- 979-373-1258 e-mail:imamohogg@yahoo.com http://www.margaretmcmanis.com  

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