The Creative Cycle

A post about writing and depression, on the MS Editors blog.

MS Editors

I don’t know about you, but 2016 left me with several serious dry seasons when it came to creative juices flowing.

Sometimes, for our mental, emotional, or physical health, we need to take a break.

Absorbing information, researching, and being entertained are all parts of the ten steps for writing a novel.

I once wrote that there’s no such thing as writer’s block—you’re just not writing. I still think that’s true. Last month, my family got a new Windows tablet that is pretty much 98% useless. The other 2% is the solitaire games I haven’t played since I switched to MacBooks my freshman year in college.

This has a point, I swear. Have you ever played Freecell? It’s a solitaire game in which very few deals are unsolvable. Playing Freecell is even easier on the computer, because you can use the undo button to back up indefinitely. Since…

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