#pg70pit is back for 70pit17!

In 2017, I’m hosting the third annual pg70pit, a totally unique type of contest and pitching opportunity for writers with complete, polished novels (Middle Grade, YA, or NA/Adult) in any genre except erotica.

This summer, I’m changing things up a bit to make it more easier on me and on participating agents, while still offering fun opportunities for participating writers. Find out more after the jump.


WHAT’S the same IN 2017

  • No query letter, no 35-word pitch, no first page
  • Judges choose winners solely on the voice of the 70th page, not by genre or 7-word description
  • You can enter up to three manuscripts, one in each age category
  • The 7 top entries for each age category—calculated by tallied score—will go live on larawillard.com on July 7th

What’s Different in 2017

This year:

  • If you’ve made it to the agent round in a previous pg70pit contest, please do not enter. You know we love you, but pg70pit is about discovering new voices. ❤
  • You’ll submit entries a full month before the agent round.
  • This time, code names will come from poetry.
  • All entries will be submitted on June 7, regardless of genre, and you’ll have a full 24 hours to enter.
  • 70 entries for each age category will be chosen by lottery
  • An 7 additional entries for each age category will be chosen in a Twitter contest based on your 7-word description
  • Contest judges will be divided not by genre, but by age category
  • Only 7 winners will be picked, and they’ll all be here on my blog
  • If we really can’t agree on 7 winners, we’ll look at entries that didn’t get into the lottery
  • We may very well introduce shenanigans later in the game, like editing giveaways and additional entries chosen on other blogs.

Save the Dates

See the schedule for 70pit17.


Use #70pit17 for fun stuff

Tweet @LaraEdits for Contest Questions (or ask me in the comments below!)

Read #pg70pit for announcements

Tweet your 7-word description on #pg70pit for the “Twinner” contest on June 7th

If you’re not on Twitter, this is your chance to join, even if you never use it again after pg70pit is over! Follow @LaraEdits for writing and editing tips.

2 thoughts on “#pg70pit is back for 70pit17!

    • Lara says:

      Hi Elisa, you’ll choose up to 7 words from a poem. I recommend choosing words from the body of the poem, since people are more likely to choose a title or the first line, and we don’t want any doubling up on code names. You can find more information on the “How to Submit” page in the pg70pit menu 🙂

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