Download Color 2018 Calendar

Printable 2018 Quarterly Calendar

Happy New Year!

Near the end of 2015, I made a post about time management, which included free downloads to help you get organized for the new year, including a Gantt Chart Excel template and a printable blank quarterly calendar.

Plan Several Months at Once with a Quarterly Calendar

I’ve been using this quarterly calendar since 2015 as a family planner, color-coding events and appointments for each family member. We can see the whole year at a glance, and I use it daily! It also works really well for planning out projects. You could use highlighters to create Gantt Charts on your calendar.

Download Color 2018 Calendar Download Grayscale 2018 Calendar

These are super simple, and I’m letting you download them for free. The only conditions are that you may not upload this calendar to your own site, you may not redistribute it (you can send people here, though), and you can’t profit from the calendar in any way. If you want to profit from a quarterly calendar, you’ll have to make one yourself, from scratch.

Subscribe to my blog (don’t worry, you won’t get many emails from me!), and then download the grayscale or color calendar by clicking on either image link above.

Day Management

To see the apps I use to manage my writing days, see the 2015 post.




If you’re struggling with motivation, I recommend the Coach.Me app. You can also check out my posts on motivation for writers.

What are your favorite methods for time management? Share in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Printable 2018 Quarterly Calendar

  1. Heather says:

    I love this calendar template so much and am eagerly waiting for the 2019 version! Do you have any plans to post that as well?

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