15 Summer Reads of 2018

Thrilled to see some familiar names on this list of 2018 Summer Reads from Bustle!

The list includes fifteen books coming out in the next few months, all of which are bound to make summer feel just a bit warmer. But I’d quickly like to highlight and coo over four books in particular I am very excited about.

First up, Katrina Leno has a new book out this summer (I interviewed her on the blog back in 2014!) called SUMMER OF SALT. To be honest, I’m a little concerned since my WIP is also about a family of magical women, but that won’t stop me from reading hers 😁

Sandhya Menon, NYT bestselling author of When Dimple Met Rishi, has her sophomore novel coming out this year: FROM TWINKLE WITH LOVE. Those pair of covers would look great on anyone’s shelves! 😍 I am so ready to meet “irresistibly adorkable Sahil.”

Geeks and muggles alike (seriously, we need a muggle-equivalent term for non-geeks) will enjoy the new book out from Whitney Gardner, author of You’re Welcome, Universe, the first few chapters of which I had the pleasure to read/critique before she landed rockstar agent Brent Taylor. CHAOTIC GOOD has a geek girl masquerading as a boy—literally one of my favorite tropes—and pulling one over dudebros. And that cover? Ahhhhhhh!

Lastly, and trying not to bawl here, Jess Pennington’s debut LOVE SONGS & OTHER LIES is going to be in bookstores in April, and yes I’m crying because I did a full edit of this when it was a baby manuscript and now it’s going to be out in the world and I couldn’t be prouder, even though Jess did all the work. And I’m confident it’s going to be even more glorious in the hands of Tor Teen! I’m going to become an aunt in April too, and seriously it’s the same kind of feeling. Not my baby but still my baby. And you’ll love this book too, if you love swoons and complicated feelings.



Read the full list here, and add the books to your TBR!*

*A TBR is your To Be Read list. Often documented on GoodReads and Instagram.

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