Put a Saddle on It

I know this blog is for creative writers, but if you’re a creative person, chances are good you will have to pay the bills with supplemental income. And that usually means working for a client.

So for all you who are keenly familiar with Clients from Hell because you’ve worked as a copywriter, designer, illustrator, etc., you know how ridiculous clients’ demands can be.

And if you haven’t had to bow to strange client demands, maybe you are still familiar with completely winging it.

Both come together in this story:
*note: includes NSFW language* 

If you can’t watch the video or prefer to read a transcript, Paul Ford writes about the story of how He-Man got a riding war tiger over at Postlight.

We don’t talk about that process very much. The process of winging it–using what’s available and cheap, and having no idea if it’ll work out. In truth that’s how a lot of software gets built, and art gets made, and novels get written. We just dress it up with discussions around planning, scrums, user journeys, agile, and process. We try to forget the ugly parts, but maybe we should spend more time celebrating our Battle Cats.Paul Ford, “Put a Saddle On It,” Postlight

When I saw the video on Twitter back in May, I immediately showed it to my day-job colleagues. Then I made a poster for our cubicles:


Sometimes we need a reminder to just go with it, whether “it” is a ridiculous idea coming from your own skull cabinet or from someone whose paid invoice feeds you so you don’t die.

Print your own Put a Saddle On It poster, free for personal use.

I’d love to hear about your own Battle Cats! Comment below or tweet/DM me @LaratheLark


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