2014 in review

12 posts and pages from 2014:

todaysworkChapter110 steps-01

1) PRIORITIES: Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix 2) Crafting Chapter One: Resources for Writers 3) 10 Steps to Finishing a Novel

Telling and Selling Stories the Video Game Way | Write Lara Writedialoguedashes

4) Telling and Selling Stories the Video Game Way 5) 7 Tips for Writing Realistic Dialogue 6) Quick & Easy Guide to Dashes


7) Formatting your Novel Manuscript (3 part series) 8) Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Sub-genres 9) Successful Twitter Pitches

MSFQueryquerylaraMs Edits

10) The Kinds of Queries that Work, from Query Shark 11) Query Workshops (ongoing series) 12) Editing Prices

Author Interviews:



Top archive posts of 2014:

  1. An Introduction to Characters: MBTI and Characters: MBTI continued
  2. Character Profile Worksheets
  3. Diction: Latinate versus Anglo-Saxon
  4. The 8 C’s of Plotting: Worksheets and Introduction
  5. Chapter Outlining like a Pantser
  6. POV Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3
  7. 7 Writing Maxims and What to Do with Them
  8. Quiz: How should you start your novel?
  9. Naming Characters: Charactonym
  10. Story Berg and Goal Boat: A Lesson in Backstory and Goals

Book Songs Blog Hop


I thought it would be fun to share my book playlist with you all. Do you have a soundtrack for your book? Do you want to share? In October I’ll host a #BookSongs blog hop. All you have to do is create a playlist, post it on your blog in October (using the image above), and give me some information so I can link to your playlist.

Your book can be published or in progress. Your playlist can be a Spotify playlist, a Youtube playlist, or just a list of tracks and artists. It can be as long or short as you want.

my playlist


Status: Work in Progress

Genre: Time Travel Fantasy

Age of protagonist(s): 25, 21, 17

Setting: Minnesota, 2009 | Wales, 1176

Moods: Wonder, dreamy, falling in love

more playlists

Anne Brennan


Status: Work in Progress

Genre: Portal Fantasy, Time Travel

Age of protagonist(s): 22, 26, 11

Setting: Tennessee, Present Day – The other side of the portal 😉

Moods: Falling in love, Emotional, Darkness

Find her playlist on her blog!

enter yours

Step One: Create your playlist.

Step Two: Post it to your blog or website including:

  1. The image above
  2. The text “Lara Willard’s BookSongs Blog Hop” in your post, with link to this post
  3. The information above (book title, status, genre…)
  4. Your Twitter handle if it isn’t obvious on your blog (So we can follow you if we like your playlist!)
  5. Links to your book (if it’s published)

Step Three: Fill out the form below so I can link to your post on my blog.

Step Four: Get your friends to participate!

Well, I’m Back

You thought you’d gotten rid of me, didn’t you?

Well, the beginning of 2013 was a whirlwind of job applications and uncertainty. February I took on a temporary job, and now that’s done, and here I am again.

In the next few months, I’m going to be cutting down on freelance work, which hopefully means I’ll be blogging more. However, I’m cutting back on work because my second child is due in May, so there will be much nesting going on. If you’re ever hankering for some more interaction apart from WordPress, be sure to like my Facebook page—I update that more often than WordPress or Twitter.

What do you want to learn more about? This week I’ll be talking about my recent chat with Ethan Rutherford, author of The Peripatetic Coffin and Other Stories, which will be published in May 2013. Expect that on or around Friday. Seriously, don’t hold your breath or anything, since I tend to be late. It also takes me an exorbitant amount of time to write each blog post. I’ve already ran my toddler to the potty twice, let out the whining dog, started some food on the stove, looked up the spelling of “exorbitant”—you get the idea.

I’ll also begin blogging about picture books that demonstrate literary principles. This is going to be dependent on how good the books I pick up at the library are, so it probably won’t be on a constant schedule. But I’ll post the first one of those today.

Besides getting picture book recommendations and hearing about Ethan Rutherford, what do you want to know about the writing, reading, or editing processes? Your input is what fuels this blog—you ask a question, I’ll find the answer. If you don’t ask the questions, I’ll probably choose naps over blogging. Just being honest.