2014 in review

12 posts and pages from 2014:

todaysworkChapter110 steps-01

1) PRIORITIES: Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix 2) Crafting Chapter One: Resources for Writers 3) 10 Steps to Finishing a Novel

Telling and Selling Stories the Video Game Way | Write Lara Writedialoguedashes

4) Telling and Selling Stories the Video Game Way 5) 7 Tips for Writing Realistic Dialogue 6) Quick & Easy Guide to Dashes


7) Formatting your Novel Manuscript (3 part series) 8) Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Sub-genres 9) Successful Twitter Pitches

MSFQueryquerylaraMs Edits

10) The Kinds of Queries that Work, from Query Shark 11) Query Workshops (ongoing series) 12) Editing Prices

Author Interviews:



Top archive posts of 2014:

  1. An Introduction to Characters: MBTI and Characters: MBTI continued
  2. Character Profile Worksheets
  3. Diction: Latinate versus Anglo-Saxon
  4. The 8 C’s of Plotting: Worksheets and Introduction
  5. Chapter Outlining like a Pantser
  6. POV Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3
  7. 7 Writing Maxims and What to Do with Them
  8. Quiz: How should you start your novel?
  9. Naming Characters: Charactonym
  10. Story Berg and Goal Boat: A Lesson in Backstory and Goals

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