70pit16—What Next?

The entry windows for this year’s #pg70pit (#70pit16) have closed, and slushies are reading and scoring entries through July 5th.

Each entry has at least four readers, judging on a scale of 1 (needs work) to 3 (I want to read more!). The cohosts and I will look our 2.5 and 3 scores and from those, choose the entries with the highest average scoring entries to feature on our blogs.

So what should you do now?

  1. Join the Twitter Party
  2. Get your query letter ready
  3. Check the Top Hits playlist to see if your entry got a vote of confidence from a slushie.
  4. If you didn’t make the playlist…
  5. If you did make the playlist…
  6. If your entry wins…
  7. If you get an agent request…

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Giveaway + Pitching and Submission Course

There are a few days left to enter my giveaway for Marvel’s Pride & Prejudice graphic novel. To enter, click here.


In other news, the StoryWorldCon courses now have their own website: StoryCadet.com.


The Cadet Course (for pitching and submitting your stories) will start June 8 and go for eight weeks. Find out the different pricing options and the schedule here. If you purchase the complete workshop before June 1, you get an extra $10 off!

Curious about what it takes to become a freelance editor? Soon I’ll be doing another #AskEditor series and sharing my chat with my 2015 intern about how I got into editing and my advice for freelancers-to-be.

Recommended Book Cover Designers

Yesterday I posted 7 Tips for Authors Working with a Book Designer.

7 Tips for Authors Working with a Book Cover Designer

I also created a new page of recommended book cover designers. You can find it under the “Getting Published” tab in my navigation menu.

Have an illustrator or book publicist you’d like to recommend? Comment below! I’d like to create recommendation pages for these services as well. Please include link to their website.

(Comments are moderated. If yours doesn’t appear right away, it will once I’ve approved it.)