pg70pit Submission Form

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE SUBMISSION FORM. The actual form will be available 7/1–7/3 from 7am to 7pm EDT here. 7/1 is the entry day for middle grade, 7/2 for teen, 7/3 for adult fiction.


What you need to enter:

  • Your e-mail address (This is private, used only to verify entries or notify winners.)
  • Your code name (This contest is anonymous—choose something unique and difficult to trace back to you. This year entrants will chose lines from songs. Up to 7 words.)
  • The song from which your code name comes. (The finalists will be made into a playlist on Spotify, so try to pick a song available on Spotify and fairly unique.) 
  • Your novel’s intended audience—Middle Grade, Teen, or Adult (Adult is 18+)
  • Your novel’s word count, rounded to the nearest thousand (71,469 becomes 71K)
  • The closest genre (I recognize that these genre choices might not be a perfect pick for your manuscript. They will determine which slush reader will read your work and possibly which agents will read your entry, so choose the most similar audience. I have a guide to major genres here.)
  • OPTIONAL: Sub-genre (Here is my guide to sub-genres of science fiction and fantasy)
  • Seven words describing your MC (DO NOT include character’s name. Can be a list of words or a phrase)
  • Your 70th page with extra spaces between paragraphs (From your 69th and 70th pages, choose a section of consecutive words, 257 words maximum.)

If the POV character on your 69th-70th page is not your MC, you may include a disclaimer at the beginning of your page.


*This excerpt is in the POV of my MC’s [insert relationship]*

[begin excerpt]


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