Do or Do Not, There Is No Try


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Emphasis on the “do not.”


I always thought Yoda was kind of a jerk for saying “Do or do not, there is no try.” An A for effort isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes even trying is a trial.

Lately the big excuse in the Willard household has been “Well, I was going to…”

(Practically, this excuse is meaningless. I just want to know if the thing got done, if it still needs to get done, or if we can forget about it.)

We’ve given up a lot of things the past few months, and excuses are one thing we’ve held onto for too long.

Here’s why excuses have got to go:

You don’t give excuses unless you’re afraid of judgment. “I was going to” can go right into the recycling with “I really should” and shame and the Christmas decorations still up *cough* five months later.

We are overwhelmed by intentions and obligations, and if the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that I can stop the burden of trying and just do … or do not.

Thanks, Yoda.

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